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 Shanghai Mei Feng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Construction area 12000m2, green area reached 4000 m2, the existing fixed assets of 130 million yuan. Company has strong technical strength, advanced production equipment, successively in 1995 and 1999 the introduction of two Mitsubishi Heavy industry in Japan 3 to 5 layers of coextrusion film production line and the British Trust Company (ATLAS) high-speed slitting machine equipment. Two Mitsubishi heavy industry production line can produce different kinds of products, a five-layer coextrusion production line in addition to the main production of CPP products can also produce CPE, EVA, Evoh and other special films; another dedicated rolling polypropylene film production line can produce high quality CPP film, especially in Ultra-thin (15μm) and metallized type CPP film has a greater advantage. Both production lines adopt advanced computer control system, all the parameters on the production line can be monitored and modified by computer, which greatly improve the quality of the products and reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

The company again introduced with the world's advanced level of the United States Badenfielt (Battenfeld Gloucester) multi-layer coextrusion Film production line and the Japanese Fuji Co., Ltd. is not the film slitter machine in 2004. The production line is equipped with automatic computer tracking control system, all parameters can be monitored and modified by computer. Its special design can meet the maximum width 2200 mm, the maximum winding diameter of 1000mm, weighing about 1 tons of large film and the minimum width of the small film of the million mm need.

In 2011 ,The company again merged Zhejiang Ningbo Bao Mei Packaging Co., Ltd., adding a Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy industry 3-layer coextrusion non-tensile film production line and Japan Fuji Co., Ltd. is the film slitting machine. So that the company's annual output reached more than 18000 tons of production capacity, the company scale among the forefront of the industry, more firmly consolidate the industry's leading position.

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